British Slang:

A man, person, chap, guy, adult male, fellow or geezer. This is an informal British word. It is one of the ways that we commonly use to refer to a man that we do not know. We can use it to refer to human males generally. This word is neutral and has no negative or positive associations.

For example: We were talking at the bar, when a bloke came up to us and told us a joke.
A group of smartly dressed blokes came into the square.
Blokes like that are really dangerous and you should stay clear of them.
There were ten blokes for every bird (girl) at the party.

B is for bloke. A bloke. A man. A person. A male. A male. A chap. A guy. A fellow. OK. This is a British slang word meaning a person, a man, a male. OK. So, for example: There was a man, there was a bloke standing on the corner. There was a man standing on the corner... on the corner. There was a bloke standing on the corner. We use this to talk about some man that we don't know generally. OK. We usually use... talking about a third party. Yes. Three blokes came into the pub. OK. Erm... There were a load of blokes, who were sitting in the park shouting. OK. Blokes, people, males. They're male. OK. So, there you go. B is for bloke. British slang. British working class slang generally. OK. So, thanks for watching. Bye.
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