Cockney Rhyming Slang:

From "butcher's hook" rhymes with look. "Have a butcher's at that car." A butchers hook is an s-shaped piese of metal with points at each end about fifteen centimeters in length. One end of the hook is secured in the piece of meat and the other end is hung over a rail.
A butcher's means a look, an inspection, a view of, a sight of. This phrase is normally used within the structure "to have a butcher's at something".
For example: "Let's have a butchers at that", meaning: can I have a look at that?
When you're finished with the newspaper, I'd like a butcher's at it.

In normal plain English a butcher is a person who sells meat. So a butcher's could refer to something belonginmg to a butcher or a butcher's shop, literally the shop of the butcher.
For example: I'd like to buy a butcher's boning knife please.
There's a butcher's across the street from the bank.

B is for Butcher's
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