1. An instrument with a point used for drawing circles. It can also refer to a tool with two points for measuring distances on maps or diagrams, or it can be a tool for cutting circles.
For example: Most basic drawing sets contain a pencil, ruler, set square (triangular instrument for drawing angles of ninety degrees), protractor (semicircular instrument to measure angles) and a compass.

2. An instrument with a magnetic revolving needle which points to the North. Used for finding your way and reading maps. Compasses are now obsolete with the discovery of GPS. Compasses have been used for navigation for probably two thousand years. It seems that the compass is a Chinese invention.
For example: If you go walking in the mountains, it is a good idea to take a compass as it will help you find your way.
The introduction of the compass radically changed navigation at sea.

3. (musical) A range of musical notes from a voice or musical instruments.
For example: The high note is well within the compass of the soprano's voice.
This noise is below the compass of the human ear.

Hi. C is for Compass. Compass, this has two different meanings. A compass is a drawing instrument, normally metal, to draw circles with. A compass it's a piece of metal with a point and a pencil and you use it to draw circles. The other meaning of compass is a device that points to the North, that is magnetised and points towards the magnetic North and you use it to find your direction. An airplane has a compass, a boat uses a compass. OK. So, compass, two different meanings, a drawing instrument to draw circles, or an instrument to find the direction of North. So, there you are, C is for compass. Thanks for watching and I'll see you soon. Bye for now.
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