Deadline (noun):


Business English:

The last possible moment to do something.
The closing date for an application, a tax return, a tender process, homework, projects or registrations. Deadline literally means the pont in time that a process dies.
Some people do their work early, but it is very common to leave things until the deadline, the last moment. Teachers give deadlines to students to force them to organize their work schedules. For many people deadlines are beneficial as they force people out of a state of apathy. For others however deadlines can be counterproductive as the deadline only ends up stressing the student.
If you are going to miss a deadline, you should try asking for an extension. At school, university and work it is sometimes possible to obtain an extension to the deadline, however deadlines for things like voter registration, or the filing of tax returns cannot be extended.

For example: The deadline for voter registration is the twenty sixth of September.
This project must be handed in by Friday. The deadline is Friday at midday.
If you don't file your taxes before the deadline, you will get a fine.

D is for Deadline. Deadline, the last moment you can do something. OK. Normally an application will have a deadline. You must do something before a certain date. The deadline for this document is the thirty first of December. The limit. The deadline for you to hand in your homework is Monday. The deadline, the limit. The line at which, after that the whole thing becomes dead, you can't do it. You can have a deadline to file your taxes. OK. Or, erm... yes, a credit card has an expiry date. OK, to expire. The expiry date is the deadline for use of the card, you cannot use it after that date. So, D is for deadline, the last moment you can do something. The last moment to hand in work. The limit. So, thanks for watching and see you in another video. Bye.
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