Georgian (adj):

Under British Culture:
Georgian means belonging to the period of British history from 1714 to 1837. Britain became the most important industrial country in the world during the Georgian era and as a result there was much social change. There were great advances in medicine, transport and industrial techniques. It was a period of British history that saw the population more than double. It is also known as the Hanoverian age. There is a lot of Georgian architecture in London. During this period Britain was ruled by five protestant German kings from the house of Hanover. This was after the death of the last Stewart Queen Anne, who was a Catholic and an act of parliament that decreed that the Monarch of Britain had to be of the protestant faith.
Georgian describes things either from this period, or in the style of this period.

2. A person from the country of Georgia or a person from the American state of Georgia.

G is for Georgian. A period of British history from about seventeen hundred and eighteen thirty where there was four kings called George. George I, II, III and IV. In this period a lot of good quality furniture and silver was made and things from this period are referred to as Georgian. You can even have a Georgian house. A house in that style. G is for Georgian.