Grossly (adverb) Gross Out (phrasal verb)

1. Strong Adjective. Disgusting, horrible, impure or obscene. Gross is a fairly informal word and it is not very suitable for formal situations. it most often refers to food, smells, or other things that might disgust our senses. It can be used figuratively to describe colour schemes, aesthetics or ugliness.
For example: The food in the school cafeteria was gross.
The smell coming from the kitchen was gross.
My naked body looks absolutely gross in the mirror.

2. Adjective. Extreme or flagrant. This meaning is only used in a negative way to say that something is extremely bad.
For example: He lost his job due to gross misconduct.
The accident was the result of gross negligence by the doctor.
That was an act of gross stupidity.

3. Noun. Twelve dozen. One hundred and forty four.
For example: I want two gross of eggs please.

To gross out is a phrasal verb meaning to disgust someone. To make somebody feel sick.
For example: The murder scene in the film grossed me out.

G is for gross. Most normally, That's gross. That's disgusting. That's horrible. Aaaakkk! Gross. But also remember, a gross, one hundred and forty four. So there you go. G is for gross.