Moron (n):


Idiot, stupid person, dolt.
In the past this was the psycholofical definition of a oerson with a mental age between seven and twelve years of age.Idiot.

M is for Moron. A moron is a noun, an idiot, a stupid person. You're a moron. That's a very strong phrase, so be careful. This is British slang.(It is not only British, it is universal) Yes. Maybe working class and middle class. It's all over Britain. OK, a moron a stupid person. Of subnormal intelligence. Ok. you could say he's an idiot, that's quite strong. He's a moron, that's much stronger. He's stupid, a little less than idiot. He is silly, very mild. OK. So, if you want to say someone's really stupid, and I would not suggest saying this to their face, because you'll start a fight, OK? You can say someone's a moron. You can have an adjective from this as well, moronic, stupid. This is a moronic idea. This is a stupid idea. OK. M is for moron, an idiot, a stupid person. SO, thanks for watching and I'll see you in another video. See you there. Bye.
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