Naughty (Adj):


polite, used especially for children

1. Naughty is an adjective used to describe bad behaviour or unacceptable actions. Naughty is a mild adjective and is good to use in polite company. It is not a strong criticism. Naughtiness is a noun meaning bad behaviour.
For example: You are a naughty boy.
I know it's naughty of me, but I'm going to have another cream cake.
Your naughtiness has disappointed me.

2. Naughty is used to mean indecent, of a sexual nature or rude.
For example: In a newsagent the naughty magazines are usually on the top shelf.
I'm going to tell a naughty joke, so don't be offended.
Shall we go to the bedroom and be naughty?

N is for Naughty. This describes bad behaviour. It is an adjective. But this is not strong. A child is naughty, it does... a child does something it should not do. Notice there is a big difference between naughty and bad. Naughty is not strong, whereas bad is talking about something evil. Children are not bad, children are naughty. They behave in a bad way. So naughty, to transgress the rules, but slightly, just a little bit, not badly. So naughty, "That was very naughty of you". You shouldn't have done it. A criticism, but not that strong. OK. "That was bad of you." That's much stronger. So naughty, there you go. Notice the pronunciation has very little relationship to the spelling. Yes? N-A-U-G-H-T-Y. Naughty. So thanks for watching and I will see you in another video. Bye for now.
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