Onomatopoeia (n):


Language Learning

A word that has a meaning similar to the actual sound of a word. The word originates from a Greek word meaning "Word Making"
For example: Bang, thwack or crash for types of impact. These are commonly used in comic strips. Zip or zoom for go fast.
Onomatopoeia is particularly common for animal noises.
For example: A wolf howls. An owl hoots. A chicken clucks. A dog woofs or barks. A cuckoo cuckoos. A snake hisses. A bee buzzes. A cat miaous. A lion roars

O is for Onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia. This describes a word that has the sound similar to its own meaning. For example: Crunch, crunch, crunch. OK. The word crunch sounds like the sound of the word crunch. OK. Let's try another one. Zoom! OK. To go fast. Onomatopoeia. The word itself gives an idea of the meaning. The sound of the word. Let's try another one. A snake hisses. To hiss. Ok. so there you go. Onomatopoeia. O is for onomatopoeia. Making a w... word that has the sound, when it's said like its own meaning. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in another video. bye for now.
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