Spank the Plank:


Modern Idiom

Spank the Plank means to play the guitar. Particularly in reference to "Rock and Roll".
To spank is to hit the bottom (normally of a child) repeatedly with the open palm of the hand as a form of punishment.
A plank is a long flat piece of wood used for carpentry and in the making of floors and wooden boats.
If we imagine a person spanking a plank it conjures up a vivid metaphor of a rock and roller playing the guitar.
For example: I would like to spank the plank like Jimmi Hendrix or Eric Clapton.

Hi there. To spank the plank. OK, this is a nice idiom. OK. It means to play the guitar. OK. To spank, to hit with your open hand. If a child is bad, sometimes the parents will smack, or spank the child. So spank. And then a plank is a long flat piece of wood. So, to spank the plank, to play the guitar. OK. Thanks for watching. See you in another video soon. Bye for now.
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