Zoom (v):


zoom up, down, about, through, in, out.

To go fast. To move rapidly. Speedy movement.
Example: The car zoomed around the race track.
The price of minerals has zoomed up.

Photography. To zoom in. To bring into closer focus.
Example: I want you to zoom in on her face.
Figuratively. To examine in close detail.
Example: In this class we are going to zoom in on several of the ideas we covered yesterday.

Z is for zoom. Now I think zoom has two different contexts. We can think about it in the context of photography. Normally with a preposition. To zoom in. To focus on. To zoom in on. To bring to the centre of the focus, so you can see larger. For example, you can have an adjective, a zoom lens. A telephoto lens. Something that you can see small details from a distance. Zoom. And the other meaning, much more colloquial. To go fast. Zoom. OK. To zoom about, to go about. Effectively zoom is the same as go, but it says go fast, with all the associated prepositions. Zoom up, zoom down, zoom in, zoom over, zoom along. OK. Go, go fast in... with each of these. So, there you go. Z is for zoom. Focus, or zoom, go fast. Thanks for watching and I'll se you in another video. Bye for now.
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