Lemon (n):


Food and drink/

Citrus � limon. Acid yellow citric fruit. Example: Lemon meringue pie
Ther is a lemon tree growing in my garden
Reffering to a car, machine or apparatus that does not work well, o is always in need of repair.
Example: That car I bought last month is a lemon.
The office photocopier is a real lemon.

To feel like a lemon. To feel out of place. To feel stupid ans embarrassed because you are different from the rest of the group. Maybe you are inappropriatley dressed, or you cannot dance when everyone else can. To stand out like a lemon.
Example: I arrived at the party in jeans and a tee shirt, only to fiscover it was a formal party. I felt like a lemon, because I stood out like a lemon.

L is for Lemon. OK. A yellow citric fruit. Like an orange but yellow and very acid. OK. But I quite like the taste of lemon. But notice in English you can use this as an idiom. I bought a car, last week. It was a lemon! OK. A bad car. Something that always needed... is going to need repairing. OK. A lemon. That's one way of doing it. I'll give you another example, but this one's slightly different. I went to the party with my friend and his girlfriend. They spent all night kissing and I didn't know anybody there. I felt like a lemon. Somebody in the wrong place, something out of place. OK. I felt out of place. I felt like a lemon. So notice, a lemon, a bad thing. To feel like a lemon. To feel out of place. To feel like a fish out of water. So there you go. L is for lemon. I'll see you in another video and thank's for watcing. Bye.
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