Rebel (n)(v):


A person who resists control. A nonconformist. A person who refuses to submit to the rules of the status quo. A person who does not wish to conform to the laws and rules of society.
For example: He is a rebel in class, he never obeys the teacher.

To resist the control of society. To participate in a rebellion. To rise up against the norms of the social group.
For example: The american revolution started when the colonists rebelled.

R is for Reb�l or r�bel, notice a r�bel, to reb�l. The noun or the person a r�bel, r�-bel. But the verb to reb�l. Ok let me define this word now. To rebel, to not agree with the system, to disagree with the status quo, to fight against the way things are, to want to change the status quo, the way things are. OK. As in rebellion. OK. A rebel is a person who does these things, a person who rebels, who disagrees with the system, who wants to change the way things are. OK. A rebel. Very often this changes to a terrorist. What is the difference between a rebel and a terrorist? THe rebel is rebelling with the idea of perhaps something positive, whereas a terrorist is negative. So it depends on the way you look at things. So there you are. A rebel, a person who disagrees and wants to change or fight against the system. And To rebel, to fight against the status quo. There you go. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in another video. Bye for now.
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