Reinforce (v):


reinforced (adj) reinforcement (n)

To make stronger. To add extra material to something with the intention of strengthening it. To send extra troops or soldiers to a sector of a battlefield in order to give support to the troops already there, who may well be in difficulty/
For example: This structure is made of reinforced concrete.
Please send reinforcements as we are under attack.
You need extra lessons to reinforce your understanding of phrasal verbs..

R is for Reinforce. To reinforce. To make stronger. To give support to. To give resilience to. To back up. Ok. To reinforce, to make more strong, to make stronger. So for example: the bridge was very weak, so the engineers reinforced it with steel. Made it stronger. Made it more resilient. OK. Or figuratively, I'm having extra lessons to reinforce my English. To make it stronger. Yeah. To make something harder, more..., no, more strong. Notice very often this is used in a military sense. They use the phrase reinforcements. To reinforce. To send extra soldiers extra troops to a place in a battle. For example: If we don't get reinforcements, we will be captured. Or perhaps you see the cowboy film, where the cowboys and indians are fighting, and the cowboys are being beaten by the indians, and then the cavalry comes. The cavalry are the reinforcements. OK. They reinforce. So, watch my videos and they will help reinforce your English. So thanks for watching and I'll see you in another video. Bye for now.
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