Upside Down (adv)(adj):


describes an orientation

In the inverted position. With the bottom at the top and the top at the bottom.
If something is upside down, then you will need to rotate it through one hundred and eighty degrees to put it the right way up. Upside down defines the orientation of an object and its opposite is the right way up. There is an upside down banana cake, where the cake is on the top and the filling is at the bottom The normal order of layers has been inverted.
For example: You'll have to turn the ketchup bottle, if you want to get the ketchup out.
The letter S looks the same upside down and the right way up.
If you hang upside down for too long all the blood rushes to your head.
Very often I write an address on an envelope only to discover that I have written the address upside down in relation to the flap.
I packed the shampoo upside down in my suitcase and it has leaked everywhere. (adverb)
We hung the picture upside down. (adverb)
We often use upside down in a figurative way to mean disorder or mess.
For example: The office had been turned upside down, there were papers and broken glass everywhere.
The divorce turned my life upside down.

To turn upside down can be used to mean to look everywhere, to search thoroughly. Very often to turn inside out is used with the same meaning.
For example: The police turned the town upside down looking for the missing child.
I turned my room upside down looking for my keys.

If you have something upside down, it could be used to mean that you are confused or have misunderstood something.
For example: You have got my instructions completely upside down.

U is for Upside Down. Upside down. OK. It's a position. You have a box and you turn it upside down. To invert, to put the top at the bottom and the bottom at the top. To turn upside... the upside down. OK, notice you need a three dimensional object to do this, because a piece of paper... you could turn upside down, but it's different. You turn your paper over, over... You have your paper, you turn it over, but to turn it upside down you would do that. OK. I can't read, it's upside down. Please turn it round. OK. Upside down. To invert, or inverted position of something. You can use this metaphorically as well to mean untidy. Erm... The house had been burgled and everything was turned upside down. OK. Yes there were things upside down, but it means very messy, very disordered. I turned my room upside down to find the keys. I looked everywhere, I made a mess. So, upside down. The top side at the bottom. So there you go. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in another video. Bye for now.
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