Welcome to iswearenglish: your online English learning centre

The aim of this site is to help English students improve their understanding, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and understanding of British culture. English is the most widely spoken International language and is essential for business, learning, communication and travel.

In our site you will find videos, explanations, games and exercises designed to help you achieve your goal whatever it may be. We also have a forum for you to raise any doubts or help you understand confusing language. Furthermore we provide individual online tutoring via Skype.

English should be fun to learn and we aim to make the learning process as entertaining and interesting as possible. If you enjoy a good laugh you should visit our joke section (Beware some of them may not be suitable for the faint hearted). If you are a serious linguist our grammar section is a MUST. We also provide a wide variety of oral comprehension tests. .

Learning English is a serious undertaking and requires as much work as would a University degree. For this reason we recommend you try to spend at least an hour every day studying. Use of sound study methods and a variety of media is an essential part of this process.

I personally love learning languages as they give you insight into your own language. Spanish has taught me a lot about the grammar that we use in English, as well as the way words change from one language to another. This helps me greatly when teaching people whose first language is Spanish. To me the most important thing when learning a language is to be able to converse with people. For this reason you will find videos throughout my channel. The language we speak has a deep influence on the way we think and act and failure to understand this can lead to major misunderstandings. I hope learning with iswearenglish will help you and provide you with enjoyment at the same time. So...GET LEARNING!

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